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  • 21May18

    Notice of Rights Issue-Credit Of Unpaid Rights

  • 17May18

    Notice of Rights Issuance

  • 29December17

    Ratings of Ghandhara Nissan Ltd.

    PACRA assigns Initial Ratings to Ghandhara Nissan Limited.
  • 21November17

    Issuance of Final Dividend Warrents

  • 27September17

    Stay Tuned For Updated News...

    Stay Tuned For Updated News...
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Ghandhara Nissan is continually confronting with ever increasing technical innovations and changes in customer requirements. With such changes, the role of Service Department has been intensifying in importance year after year. Providing customers with high quality After Sales Services has now become the decisive in maintaining Ghandhara’s edge over competitors.

Expansion/Strengthen Authorized Dealer Network:

In order to provide efficient after sales services to our valued Nissan customers the current dealership network is being strengthen and expanded further keeping in view customers demands and expectations.

In this regard countrywide surveys are conducted time to time to evaluate/mark the cities/areas. Moreover if dealers already exist at such location, the existing dealer’s facilities are upgraded on regular basis.

Dealer List


Guidelines / Vehicle Care

Tips on Saving Fuel

Drive At an Economical Speed ::.
A vehicle’s air resistance increases four times when the vehicle speed is doubled, and nine times when the vehicle speed is tripled. Drive a vehicle at a moderate speed. Keep your speed under 80 km/h for efficient fuel consumption.
Shift Up Earlier & Shift down Slightly Later ::.
For the best fuel economy, the highest gear you can use is the most economical. Shift from low to high gear as soon as you can. The following provides suggested veh

Investor Information

T.H.K Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. 1st Floor, 40-C Block-6, P.E.C.H.S Karachi-75400

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