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  ::Assembling Plants::
Production Facilities ::.
Following production sections are being operated at GNDL Plant.

Cab Metal Shop Recently in-house expanded Cab Shop can produce 03 types of cabins CPA, CPB, A620.
Paint Shop Presently ED paint facility at Ghandhara Nissan Limited is being utilized, which makes UD brand trucks one of its kind in Pakistan.
Trimming Shop Recently in-house structure is completed, to facilitate production in fitment of cabin interior.
Frame Riveting Consist of 2 hydraulic Riveter of 25 ton & 35 ton
Chassis Assy Line Assembly Stage 1 ~ 6
Engine Assembly & Test Shop Two benches to test NE6, FE6 types engines. Upto 550hp testing
Axle Assembly Shop Front, Rear and Dead Axles are assembled.
Tube Bending Shop Cutting, flaring, bending of metal tubes are carried out.
Chassis Drilling Chassis has been deleted and all holes in it are being drilled in-house.

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